Easter 2016 @Brown’s Hut

 Written by  Derek Little

A number of members headed out to Brown’s Hut on Easter Thursday with the majority arriving on the Friday. It was a great turn out with about 16 groups turning up. Because of other commitments; work and family, some just came for the day. All up though, it was a huge success.

Getting away from the rat race that is the Sunshine Coast over Easter is always a bonus of course. We do have Darren (Williams) to thank for making the “Hut” available to us so we could chill out in relative peace and quiet though, so, 3 cheers to Daz!!

It was very much a chill out and social weekend and apparently there were numerous Bunnies n Bilbies itching to jump out of the Engels and Waecos on Sunday morning. Phil and Fran were seen eating chocolate eggs and pan cakes. Not sure if that was a CWA recipe or not. I’d say not!! Each to their own I suppose. Must have been good though as we weren’t invited!!

There were only a couple of trips organised, up into the surrounding hills. The view?? Breathtaking!! Although relatively easy climbs, they were incredibly steep. It wasn’t the going up that proved a problem for Dave Ford, but the going down. Not 100% sure what happened, but if it wasn’t for the substantial bull bar and a hefty tree that stopped them, things might have been far worse. In usual Fordy fashion, he took it well and sort of shrugged his shoulders……..at least we think so.  As the French and Fordy say……”C’est la vie”. Lol.

Ian, Kay and Yasmin arrived in the Forward Control. Somehow, I always thought that rig should have a starring role in Mad Max. Not sure about the colour coded mountain bike on the back though!!

Steve Waldon was lording it in his recently acquired 4×4 Isuzu Camper. I guess we can forgive him not turning up in the Defender, since Isuzu and Landy did have a love affair a few years ago with the 3.9.

Oh………. Paul drove out in the new Disco 4. Damn!! Such a nice vehicle; the smell of leather was intoxicating!! Nice one Paul n Liz!! Apparently, they have to drive it for about 1000km before hitching up the caravan. Even though it wasn’t Liz and Paul’s first colour preference, it does look great.

Each night most happy campers sat around the fire.  Amazingly, it was a tad cool at night, so, winter is not too far away and the fire was welcomed.  Since Paul wasn’t there to manage it, his understudy, Harry Ford took control. Did a great job I might add.

All went well until Saturday night when we seemed surrounded by distant clouds and lightening. Sure enough, at about 1am it poured down; well, at least it sounded that way, as the drops hit the canvas of our camper. The following morning, the rain ceased and all was well, but, it started again at about 9am. We figured enough was enough and packed up, hitting the road by about mid-day. A few diehards stayed on, but most had left.

Not far down the road we came across the Bikes, Mud and Music spectacular. Amazingly, we didn’t hear a thing from our camp site. It seemed bigger than Ben Hur so we parked up and watched the bikes racing around the tracks for a while. It all seemed very well organised and obvious fun was being had. Great location.  By the time we hit the bitumen, both our Defender and trailer were covered in red mud, so we knew what we’d be doing once we arrived home!!

It was cut short but the 3 days we had at Brown’s was great, and once again, that was thanks to Darren.

Until the next time…………….Happy Land Rovering everybody.


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