Peach Trees Camp Ground

On Thursday 14th June Phil and I drove up to Peach Trees Camp Ground near Jimna State Forest. For those not familiar with the area, its truly a beautiful spot where you can get away from it all, and the bonus is that its not that far away from the Coast.

Only a handful of club members turned up, but, that didn’t really matter, as we had a great time. Glenn and Bow MacDonnell, Dave Torcello and Rob and Sue Hammond arrived on Friday.  Geoff and June Taylor drove out for the day on Saturday.

Our campsite was among a grove of sentinel like 30 to 40 metre Eucalyptus trees.  They were stunning. Fires are allowed and pits are dotted throughout the area, and as an added bonus, a local fellow came through the camp selling firewood at A$10 a pop. We bought 4 lots. He even split the logs for us which was yet another bonus.

There was a 0.3 degree C Frost on Saturday morning which made the nearby creek give off what looked like steam. It was a very atmospheric way to view the Platypus that live there. Sadly, for me anyway, I stuffed up my attempt to get a good clear photograph of them.

There were plenty of kangaroos, possums and bandicoots around, as well as a great variety of bird life.

Not knowing much about the area, we drove into Jimna expecting to buy the newspaper and have a coffee, but, turned out that, apart from the incredibly tall  timber fire lookout, and a small museum in the village not a great deal exists there. Also incredible is the fact that over A$400,000 has been collected to save the Fire Lookout, which is in a state of disrepair. I’m sure the view from the top will be spectacular when the work is completed.

While in the village, we came across about 20 horsemen, having a picnic lunch.  They were doing a trek around the area.

Apart from a few walks, we didn’t venture far from camp, deciding to relax instead.

Will we go back? Damn right we will

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